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Welcome to Canticum

Sound recording and music publishing

Canticum Recording offers a range of comprehensive and professional sound recording services, specialising in classical and sacred music. Our three levels of packages have something to offer for every situation, from a budget fund-raising CD to commercial quality production.

Make a choral or organ music recording
Organ and choral music recording prices

Canticum Publishing offers a range of high quality choral and organ music scores, specialising in previously unpublished high quality music at sensible prices.

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Our aim is to make possible your plans and ideas to make a recording within your budget. Although we offer pre-priced packages for simplicity, we are happy to discuss and alter anything to suit your needs.Our specialism is in organ and choral music, but can apply the same techniques equally well to other classical and ensemble music.

After withdrawal of funding we are undergoing a review of where to go next. As a co-operative undertaking we give especial thanks to Goncalo Crespo and his company "Music and Co" from Geneva.

We just recently added over 50 high-definition videos. So if you are looking for novice guitar lessons, rhythm guitar lessons, lead guitar lessons, or blues guitar lessons-- we have actually got you covered with brand-new HD videos! All these lessons can be applied on acoustic guitar or electrical guitar. These are watchable anywhere but if you want an east London guitar teacher you can get hold of

We likewise recently introduced our official blog. Today you can discover step-by-step guides on popular subjects including: how to play guitar, guitar lessons for newbies, the best ways to read guitar sheet music, and the best ways to check out guitar tabs. More coming soon!

If you are new to the guitar we suggest that you start with the Newbie Guitar Quick-Start Series. It's a collection of 12 step-by-step videos that will offer you a strong foundation for all future lessons. You'll discover ways to play guitar, ways to hold the guitar, the best ways to tune your guitar, the best ways to strum the guitar, ways to play your very first chords, and even ways to play your very first tune on guitar.

As soon as you are completed with the fundamentals you might wish to check out the Rhythm Guitar Quick-Start Series. These lessons are perfect for students thinking about learning how to play popular songs, jam with pals, or perform cope with a band. They cover necessary subjects like playing power chords, playing bar chords, significant bar chord shapes, small bar chord shapes, typical chord developments, and more.

If you have an interest in playing lead guitar or performing guitar solos you'll want to take a look at the Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series. It's a collection of 12 lessons that cover everything you have to understand to start checking out lead guitar. You'll learn standard choosing strategy, the significant scale, the major pentatonic scale, the minor pentatonic scale, hammer-ons and pull-offs, vibrato strategy, how to play a guitar solo, and more.

More seasoned guitar players might be interested in the Blues Guitar Quick-Start Series. Not only is the blues an unbelievably important design of music in it's own right, however it can likewise affect the way you play other designs of music consisting of rock, metal, jazz, and nation. Delve into this series if you have an interest in discovering how to play blues guitar, the 12-bar blues development, dominant 7th blues chords, blues phrasing and expression, turn-around blues licks, and how to add licks to cries riff.

If you are trying to find motivation checkout our guitar player bios. If you are trying to find practice tools take a look at our guitar jam-tracks. And if you are purchasing brand-new gear see our guitar gear evaluations. You may also want browsing our guitar lessons on YouTube.

If you are serious about fast-tracking your progress think about The Guitar System. It's Nate Savage's total library of detailed lessons developed to help you open your full capacity on the guitar. All the popular styles are covered consisting of: rock, blues, nation, fingerstyle, metal, classical, bluegrass, jazz, and more. Plus it consists of over 100 initial jam-tracks so you can apply everything to genuine music.

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Organ and choral music recording publishing and CD catalogue January 2005

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