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Organ Music

Listed by title


Second Suite for organ
Andrew Wilson
Grade 7-8
The suite comprises six movements (Tucket, Tiento, Caprice, Trio, Elegy, Finale). Ideal as voluntary material in single movements, or as recital repertoire in its entirety.
Sophie's Lullaby and Toccata
Andrew Wilson
Grade 4-6
A hauntingly melodic lullaby followed by a grand toccata in the French style.
Third Suite for organ
Andrew Wilson
Grade 6-8
Subtitled 'Four Cornish saints', the movements are 'St. Tudroc's Rune', 'St. Minver's Comb', 'Litany at St. Merryn's Holy Well', and 'St. Wenn and the Worm', and are inspired by the traditional Celtic saints of Cornwall.
Three preludes on English hymn tunes
Andrew Wilson
Grade 6-7
Three preludes on 'Laudate Dominum', 'Dominus regit me' and 'Sine nomine'. The works are particularly suitable as topical voluntaries or as a recital set.