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About our Recording services

Our sound recording service offers superb quality results at a price within any music budget. Our recordings are engineered by musicians with 'sound' technical ability (excuse the pun!) ensuring that the finished result is vibrant and exciting to listen to, not merely an interesting technical achievement.

For those who care about technical ideology, we subscribe to a long standing British tradition of natural life-like stereo recordings. We don't agree with the concept of spot-miking every singer and instrument in order to reassemble the performance space at the mixing desk, nor do we like the 'single microphone - best seat in the house' idea, with its unrealistic limitations - a microphone and stereo speakers playback system is vastly different from the human ear. A well-placed stereo array with appropriate 'outriggers' or spot-mikes, we find, makes for a natural and vibrant recording without struggling under the burden of a particular building's acoustic vagaries.

For those who simply care about a good quality recording at an affordable cost, do talk to us. As performing musicians, we can empathise with what you are trying to achieve, and can arrange ourselves appropriately to capture a

performance you can be proud of, whatever the music and forces available, wherever the location.

Read on to find information, planning, and prices for Canticum recording. Contact us at any time with your questions and requests.


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